Paying it Forward


I give my time freely to causes that engage on topics with children, youth, education, and the opportunity that we all deserve to build a better tomorrow for ourselves, for those we love, and for all future generations. This is our legacy.


My absolute passion and beliefs are grounded in showing the world that we all can make a difference in the life of another.


Two key initiatives below highlight my greatest desire to create safe spaces for children to learn and grow.

It truly is in our hands to protect their innocence and their possibility.



Kristi House


I believe in Kristi House; a child advocacy agency in Miami-Dade County that focuses on healing services for children and their families as a result of sexual abuse. For more than 26 years, Kristi House has been breaking the silence on the cycles of abuse in our communities.

Having taken the time to be trained and educated on this issue; and after visiting similar community efforts across the United States that focus on this global epidemic, I believe the more we can unite our efforts, the faster we can eradicate the social conditioning that upholds human trafficking and sexual abuse.


Project Gold (Girls Owning their Lives and Dreams) is a separate chapter of Kristi House. Through my network, I actively raise capital, heighten awareness, and support the eradication of human trafficking and the mission of Kristi House.

We thank Eric Cooper and the UPS Independent Pilots Association for their generous donations. They’ve funded a summer camp with field trips and art workshops for Project Gold participants as well as funding for additional full-time staff members.


National Human Trafficking Day - 2018

with Abe Nadimi, Robert Guerra, Sev Jaunasse and Jennifer Pena



Repeat After Me Children’s Books


I believe in Abe and Tangie Nadimi, former clients and “timeless” friends. Tangie’s dream of creating a children’s book series originated from her personal experience growing up in the foster care system and her belief that every child deserves to be happy and fulfilled, free to learn and explore, unencumbered.

Her courageous cause inspires me every day. The commitment they’ve made to the safety of children in early development is remarkable and one worthy of social support.


Repeat After Me is a series of books that teaches kids the daily habit of positive affirmation, visualization, and gratitude. The books train children’s brains to visualize consistently and to give them positive cues throughout their days.



Global Citizenship • Responsible Leadership


More broadly, in my practice and in the circle of leaders I have been privileged to work and study with, I continue my focus on global topics that support communities around the world.

I believe in the connective bonds we all can create by caring for each other is what truly matters.

Whether building a house with Habitat For Humanity, building a school in Brazil, or the profound education, cultural experiences and spiritual trips on which I’ve embarked throughout India since 2014;

I’ve learned that love, compassion and humanity are a universal language.


Thank You, India