People & Partners

Oriana Guevara

“Carrie is an extraordinary woman, coach and visionary. Since the day we met, she saw in me something that I hadn’t yet realized in myself about my capabilities not only as a professional and entrepreneur but on a soul-level; meaning my life purpose, and what I am intended to accomplish in this lifetime. Carrie has been an outstanding colleague, partner, friend and confidant. From a place of deep compassion and love, she has helped me to expand my mindset, reconnect to my heart, and reframe my perceptions so that I can show up as my most authentic self, envision and claim my dreams, and create an even bigger impact in my life and in the world.”

Oriana Guevara, Founder, iThrive Institute

Social Reform Strategist, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate

Higher Education Policy Expert

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller

“From the moment I met Carrie I immediately knew she was a force of good. She has taught me to be intentional in my life. She gave me the permission, mindset, and tools to work toward my big dreams. She taught me how to tap into my story and grow into my best self. She has an incredible understanding of business, team dynamics, and mindset. I'm a better person, father, and business leader since meeting Carrie.”

Abe Nadimi, Co-Founder, Social Smoke

Founder, The Kinetic Experience

Director of Marketing at Linear Labs Inc.



“Whether in a session or a workshop, Carrie not only brings vast experience in the areas of management, conflict resolution, strategic planning, team work, leadership, equality, among others; she creates the space for a client to tap into their own power to feel stronger and to reach his/her maximum potential. She is a gift to this world.”

Andreina Pradas, Founder, Inhance Life

Health & Wellness Educator

Creator, Three Steps to Profitability Through Happiness

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.
— Napolean Hill
Desmon Lewis

“I’ve had the pleasure of working for Carrie and she is a proven leader, mentor, and great friend. Carrie is a consummate professional who is at the top of her craft. I look forward to any possibility of working with her in the future.”

Desmon Lewis

Director, EMEA Global Corporate Sales



Trine Alimena

“Carrie is an exceptional leader and business partner. Witnessing her ability to juggle organizational dynamics while staying focused on business profitability and empowering both teams and partners outside her direct organization is inspiring to those who work with her and for her.”

Trine Alimena

Vice President & Senior Liquidity Advisor

Co-Chair, MixCity Women’s Employee Resource Group

BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking



“Carrie is a powerful woman who inspires others toward greater impact, greater clarity and a greater authenticity. Regardless of your business, Carrie can help you step into your higher self, achieve your mission, and own the abundance we all are destined to have.”

Danielle Brooks

Author, Entrepreneur

Nutritional Therapist Practitioner

Clinical Herbalist

Donald P. Addison

“Carrie's business development accomplishments speak for themselves as she has been associated with multiple landmark deals. However, Carrie is equally strong when it comes to strategic thinking and participative management. Carrie's ability to think and act strategically have been instrumental in the growth and success of some of the largest client-based industry groups in banking. In the sales ranks, Carrie is known as an energetic leader dedicated to developing her team and helping individual contributors reach their full potential. Carrie is one of the few senior-level practitioners capable of translating scholarly thinking into tangible business results.”

Dr. Donald P. Addison

Adjunct Professor, University of Florida, Muma School of Business

Lecturer, University of Georgia, Terry College of Business


“Consulting with Carrie is a breath of fresh air. I often record our conversations so I can go back and make sure I have all the rich details she gives on how to improve my business. She's jam packed with knowledge, tips and ideas, all of which have brought dramatic change to growing and expanding my business. Whenever I feel stuck or unsure about an important decision, I reach out to Carrie and know I can trust the answer 100%. She's amazing!”

Sandy Grigsby, Personal Branding Photographer

Founder, Brio Five Photography

Podcast: Life in Focus