The Prime Method Masterclass is a step-by-step process to create the career, income, business funding, and lifestyle you deserve.

The Prime Method will show you how to get noticed, be heard, valued and respected while working MUCH LESS than you are now - because the truth is, working harder, longer or faster just doesn’t work.

You will learn how to powerfully negotiate, communicate and build relationship capital, turn your skills into a fulfilling career and master the courage to take decisive action with your clients, leadership or your business.


The Prime Method is a not a “magic pill” coaching program that promises you unlimited riches without any work. There are no fake experts or over the top social media branding strategies to follow. To create the success you deserve you must be willing to work to overcome your challenges.

Your success is COMPLETELY in your hands.


On top of reaching the next level of responsibilities and gaining the promotion you know you deserve, you will also learn how to take control of negotiations with clients, voice your business funding needs, or outline a premium salary or compensation plan.


How it works:

The Prime Method Masterclass is a step-by-step action plan and road map built over 12 weeks to seamlessly transition into a fulfilling career that gives you the freedom to live life on your terms.

It consists of 8 group teaching sessions and 4 individual video calls over a 3-month duration allowing for flexibility within your schedule.

In addition to this schedule, there are optional weekly live open group Q&A sessions to ask questions on any relevant topic or challenge you are facing within the content you are learning, your current career path, or your business development.

Not only will you benefit from the dynamics of the peer group model of the masterclass, but you will benefit from monthly 1:1 sessions with Carrie to ensure the progression of your goals are being met.


In The Prime Method Masterclass, we teach five core values to shape your lifetime skills:

  • Own Your Own Happiness

  • Find Your Value & Live It

  • Stop Playing Small

  • Invest in You - Invest in Sponsorship

  • Own Your Voice & Your Stand


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Prime Method Masterclass Testimonials


Transformative Outcomes


You will gain:

  • Clarity for your future path and direction

  • Ability to create a lifestyle, not just a paycheck

  • Opportunity to do what you love to earn a living

  • A set of personalized values to drive your decisions

  • Guidance on how to define new compensation goals

  • Tools to develop your action plan & build your lifetime skills

  • Confidence to commit to a timeline

  • Strength of a focused network search

  • Resources to update the messaging of your career or business

  • Access to a group of high-performing peers

  • Communications skills to interview with success


You will access:

  • Expert Advice and Support: Individual mentorship and guidance

  • Individual Assessment: Identify instincts, skills, and industry expertise relevant to you

  • Timeline, Tools and Resources: Step-by-step process to stay on track

  • Updated Profile & Authentic Social Brand Messaging: Resume, LinkedIn profile, and Email outlines

  • Outreach Strategy: A guide to activate your network and opportunities to be your own champion

  • Networking: Role-playing exercises to strengthen your communication skills

  • Key Final Offer and Negotiation Points: Identify your top “must haves” for your next move

  • A group of like-minded peers to leverage a PROVEN track record of success

  • And so much more!



Ready to Get Started?


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