Our Living Legacy…

Once Upon A Time, you were a little girl or boy with BIG DREAMS that you promised you would make real one day.  Please don’t disappoint yourself.

We believe in you and the power of your dreams.  The distance between your dreams and reality is called intentional action.  We understand the patience, persistence and belief from yourself and from others to create the business you believe is possible.

What is holding you back?

We find there are typical roadblocks to creating, launching and scaling a business.  It is a desire to support you as an aspiring entrepreneur on your journey to define your destiny.

We dare to dream big and bold with you.

The She Is Excellence Fund is intended to create a network of sponsors within a flourishing ecosystem of entrepreneurship programs attached to a crowdsourcing fund that will remove the barriers to entry we often see in traditional funding for entrepreneurial initiatives. The fund will be for people of all gender identities, irrespective of their country of origin, their political leanings or affiliations, their faith, or their orientation.

It will promote, support and reflect the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness that built this country and helped create the largest economy in the world.

In particular, reflecting the tireless efforts of immigrants who had a vision and sought a better life for themselves and for their families.They believed in freedom for all and created it for us to enjoy.  These are our roots and identity we have shared with the world and will continue to do so.

We have a singular belief in humanity and commit to it unequivocally.  We don’t apologize for being different.  We are all unique and that is our most wonderful gift and what connects us.

We dare every day to go beyond yesterday’s status quo.

What would you dare to dream to come true?