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Do not follow where the path may lead… Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.


~Ralph Waldo Emerson



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Women (She Is Excellence, Founder)

Leadership Thoughts:

A shared vision and culture is the explosive growth in bottom line revenues, leadership influence and personal impact.

Human connection, the desire for happiness and the ability to create are the driving forces of every successful person, organization and lifestyle. The collective beliefs must equal the desires in order for an alignment of purpose to reached.

Illuminated people, entrepreneurs and business leaders understand to find true success or to scale success to the next level, it requires a commitment to excellence. Excellence is created within the commitment we make to our authentic self, purpose and goals for life.

Carrie Moore believes the cultures we live in, the lives we have created, the businesses we run and the organizations we run are facing a significant crosspoint. The rate at which we are pushing people and driving business is not sustainable. Understanding the absolute power of change we can create to thrive in these new worlds of possibilities, resources and technologies is core to our abundance but also to our survival.

These conversations are about the transformation we all seek.




  • Reclaiming The Game of Life – Career Transition and Expansion
  • Establishing Your Core – Vision, Mission, Purpose, Strategy, Culture and Values
  • These Boots Are Made For Walkin: Create Your Walk & Talk to Achieve Your Goals
  • Hiring for the Best Culture Fit – The First Time

Our Reviews

Carrie is an inspirational listener and speaker. After I left her presentation, I renewed my desire to dust off my dreams and think about a new possibility for me.

Human Resource Executive

Carrie challenges the status quo. When you hear her speak you hear the courage and strength of her commitment to excellence in herself and in others. She believes in herself and inspires others to do the same.

Executive of a multi-billion dollar business

Carrie is the type of leadership that women need today to see as possible. Her desire to model and mirror the way is a brilliant light. Her desire and compassion for others are incredibly sincere along with her commitment to helping others achieve their dreams and goals.

Serial entrepreneur and angel investor