About Carrie

Carrie Moore is the inspirational Founder and driving force behind Carrie Moore International and the dynamic She Is Excellence initiative.

While transforming into an entrepreneur, she has extensive sales and business development experience in the financial services sector with an in-depth knowledge of corporate banking, finance, and capital markets.  She has held senior directorship positions at pioneering and leading organizations, most recently at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, previously Citigroup and AEGON NV.

Carrie has a proven track record of making positive tangible changes in the organizations she has worked for benefiting both the employer, workforce and clients alike.  She has successfully navigated organizations through restructuring challenges and initiatives which make her the ideal person to lead on sales and executive career path development.

I’m an Entrepreneur, Advocate and Champion with a tenacious belief in the power of intention. My purpose is simple yet authentic to my life experience, and this is something which never stops growing.

I know many amazing people, business leaders and entrepreneurs who are currently living Einstein’s classic definition of insanity; repeating the same action time and time again with the false belief they will create a different result. Disguised under conventional wisdom, we accept preconditions for our roles and responsibilities in life to avoid the fear and judgment of potential failure.We hide behind the status quo that keeps us confined in less than expected realities. We work even harder, spend less time with those we love and ask our people to do so for less return or pay within a world of insatiable expectations that are always increasing.

Let’s stop the insanity and look at life’s challenges differently:

As a leader of your own life, an example to your family and of your followers in any role you carry, you own the present moment to be true to your mission and to your authentic voice.

Your followship is defined by it. In fact, it is the greatest asset you will ever have.

The business you own or operate, the career, the life and the financial results you deserve are within reach. The first step towards them is now if you choose it to be.

I am in the business of changing the world through human connection. By leading through example, I know we can all create thriving environments where business leadership, team collaboration, diversity of thought and people propel forward the financial results and the quality of our lives.

If you are passionate, driven and willing to tap into the greatest driver of your life and business – Intentional Living – then you are in the right place.

I look forward to meeting, connecting and working with you soon.

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